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ProSystems and US Extruders are located in the same building and work together very closely to provide our customers with the best extrusion solutions with the right controls for your workflow.  

ProSystems' Core Strengths

  • Hardware design and expertise

  • Advanced programming knowledge

  • Broad application experience

  • Superior quality manufacturing

  • Proven project management

  • Exceptional field service

ProSystems' offerings

  • Wide range of tailored controls solutions including discrete and touchscreen

  • Repair: Restore your control system to it's original condition, function, and reliability

  • Refurbish: Upgrade existing drives and controls to current technology and standards

  • Replace: Custom engineer the most cost effective controls solutions using state-of-the-art hardware/software

Touch Screen Controls

Advanced touch screen controls with a wide range of features and options available including:

ProControl™ Deluxe

A comprehensive HMI system to control your entire process. Improve production efficiency and quality with recipe management, data acquisition, reporting and alarm analytics.


Feature rich HMI system preconfigured for common extrusion processes. Includes drive control, recipe management, trending, reporting, and alarm analytics.  

ProControl™ DCR

A cost effective HMI alternative to discrete controls. Includes basic extruder control, recipe and alarm enhancements. 

Discrete Controls

All discrete controls can be tailored to your specifications



problem solvers

The ProSystems team works directly with US Extruders and our customers to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your needs. We are dedicated to designing and building the right solution for you and your process. 

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