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Rebuilds & retrofits

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current extruder or bring an old extruder back to life, we offer a full range of cost-effective options to get you up and running. We will evaluate your extruder and work with you to provide you solutions that will meet the needs of you and your process. 

Contact our extrusion experts to learn more. 

  • Clamp Retrofits

  • Barrel Replacements

  • Screw Rebuilds or replacements

  • Gearcase retrofit

  • Control upgrades

  • L/D Conversions

  • Water to air conversions

  • Drive/Motor Replacement

  • And More


200248C-02 250 24 to 1 BEFORE copy.png


200248C-02 250 24 to 1 AFTER.png
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